Managing Your Family Legal Matters During COVID-19

Anita D’Amico April 1, 2020

We are now a week into Governor Wolf’s stay-at-home Order, and although we are all abiding by the Order, and the courts are closed with the exception of emergency filings, it is likely that your divorce and custody matters have not gone away.  

You may be wondering how the court’s temporary closure to non-emergency matters may impact your case.  The impact is that you may experience some delays in the resolution of your legal matter. If you were previously scheduled for a matter before a Judge or Master during the court’s current closure, by now you have been notified that the matter is postponed, or you may have received a new date for your matter. 

You may also be wondering whether your case can move forward while the courts are closed to non-emergency matters.  If this is a priority to you, you should consider mediation in order to resolve or move your domestic legal matters forward

Mediation, when possible, is the best way to proceed.  By choosing to mediate, you are making the decision about your case for yourself, rather than having the outcome ordered by a Judge or Master.  You are also choosing the most cost-effective way to resolve your matter, which is more important than ever during this challenging time.

The Attorneys at D’Amico Law are certified mediators, handling both private and court-appointed mediations. We are currently set up to provide remote mediations through video conferencing or phone conferencing, depending on your preference.  If you have a dispute that cannot wait for the courts to reopen, or if you simply want to move your case forward in the wake of the court’s closure, please call us at 610-444-4555 to discuss your mediation options.

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